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Krazy Flav Hot Sauce Review: Putting Flavor Above Heat

This review focuses of an up-and-coming Monmouth County-based hot sauce producer. Krazy Flav has a great line that puts flavor before heat. We tested Mango Erruption, Digestive Turmoil and Apparition, and liked all three of them!

As we get closer to the #HotNJ competition for the best Jersey-made hot sauces, I was delighted to try another local artisan – the Krazy Flav sauces. Created by Holmdel-based Jeremy Adams, these sauces put flavor before heat, which is exactly how I like it. I always prefer to feel some flavor, not just tasting buds-numbing heat.

So let me start with an overview of the Krazy Flav hot sauces I tried. All these sauces are pairing a hot pepper with a fruit, infusing a flavor strong enough that you feel it above the heat.

  • Krazy Flav NJ Hot Sauce ReviewMango Erruption: Has crushed red peppers and mango. As a mild sauce, it has enough of a bite, and it still feels spicy. Too many artisan mild sauces have a flavor so strong that you don’t feel the heat anymore.
  • Digestive Turmoil: Made with habanero and pineapple, this sauce definitely has a scary name. I should said it didn’t live up to its name (which is good, in this case), but it’s a great sauce. It is very hot, but you can still taste the fruit. My favorite of this batch.
  • Apparition: Another scary name, given by its main ingredient, the ghost pepper (paired with mandarin oranges). It’s a very hot one, and you can feel the heatness even stronger due to a diminished fruit flavor. I liked it, even if not as much as the previous one.

We chatted with Jeremy, the created of Krazy Flav, and we started by asking how did he get into mixing his own hot sauces:

“I have always loved spicy food and I would make sauces for friend’s BBQs or for catering events. People suggested that I should bottle and sell my sauces, so I tried it and people loved it. My sauces are different because it is flavor first, then heat. For the sweetness factor, every sauce is infused with fruit.”

Krazy Flav Hot Sauces New Jersey ReviewJeremy Adams is a mainly local-sourced producer. “In the summer I grow 10 different types of hot peppers for my sauces. I also grow and make ghost pepper pickles that have been a hit. In the off season I get my peppers from various local market and sometimes online sources.”

Finally we asked Jeremy about his plans for the future: “I’ve  been making hot sauce for friends and family for over two years and  I am looking to open a company within the next year,. After graduating Brookdale Community College with a degree in Culinary Arts in May, I will have more time to focus on opening a company, networking, entering competitions, and looking for investors. I have a total of ten recipes, but I plan to open with four flavors to start.”

To sum it up, as a whole this was among my favorite batches I’ve tasted so far. Once it becomes an established company, I’m sure it will do great. You can find more information about Krazy Flav and ordering these sauces on their Facebook page.

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