Meet Helen Troncoso, Ms. New York Belleza Latina 2011

Profile of Helen Troncoso, Ms. New York Belleza Latina 2011 and an advocate for women's health issues, especially cervical cancer awareness

Helen Troncoso Ms NY Belleza Latina at Bella Vista Country ClubA month ago, at our business networking and red carpet gala at the Bella Vista Country Club, we had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful lady, Helen Troncoso. While she resides in New York, she still considers New Jersey to be her “second home” and she loves the Jersey Shore. Helen lived in New Jersey for over 10 years, first as an undergrad at Rutgers University, and then received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ).

Helen is currently Ms. New York Belleza Latina 2011 and will compete for the International title August 2011, so we wish her all the luck! The goal of the Belleza Latina Pageant is to create role models within the community, inspire a desire for personal achievements and growth, encourage education and enforce family values and strength. The pageant is a great venue for all Latinas to be able to express their beauty, cultural pride, personal accomplishments, and be judged as equals by their peers.

Besides being a beauty (and brain!) queen, she is a women’s health advocate, blogger and NY Latina Entertainment Examiner for the Her current motto is to “enjoy the journey, wherever it may lead me”. You can read many of her articles here, on her blog.

Ms New York Belleza Latina 2011 at Business Networking and Red Carpet Event

Helen does a lot of charity work with Tamika and Friends, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness about cervical cancer and its link to the HPV (human papilloma virus).

And if you want to learn more about Helen, you can go to her websites listed above, or read here some of her “secrets”: She is a Capricorn; hardworking, intelligent and a bit OCD. She believes in facing her fears. She’s very competitive but in a nice way. If needed to, she can probably outrun you in 5″ Louboutin heels. She love rhinestones and sequins… the more the better. She loves her dog Nena way too much. She watches RHoNJ, Jersey Shore and used to watch Maury in school. She loves to travel. She hates the gym and would rather dance. She is a BIG advocate for women’s health issues. She believes in karma. She could sit for hours and read. She loves flowers, to cook and brunch in NYC with good friends. She loves to learn, being a nerd at heart. And she believes she will succeed in everything she does.

Bella Vista Networking with Ms NY Belleza Latina Helen Troncoso

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