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a look at the jersey shore. spiral down. preventing diabetes?

Cal (finally) talks about politics. And unhealthy sandwiches

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Jersey Shore Vacations: Cal Schwartzi don’t dilettante in politics (much). now a week after election day. i did think of booking passage on the s.s. poseidon. a special cruise. departs from pier 63 in manhattan. but only if there are snow flurries forecast. sails by the Statue of Liberty and underneath the Verrazano bridge then down along the good old jersey shore where it drops anchor. the ship rises with the tide. passengers can behold the abandon of the jersey shore in autumn-scapes and watch ships at the horizon sail to kilimanjaro and a place called reason. the captain is special; wears a cape and a mask and doesn’t allow gambling.

i sit here contemplating spring planting season and how certain human beings could’ve voted for a county sheriff who saw nothing wrong with a young innocent boy mysteriously dying in his jail with his people and the media too busy doing charlie sheen coverage. i do rejoice to see a certain mayor not re-elected. i learned after decades on earth, the hard dull bitterness of a first-hand lesson what corruption is all about(albeit on a tiny scale). run dick. see jane. why jersey stings throw some mayors in jail. run spot. i went with good old spot to a jersey shore environmental conference. elected officials present. i am a bit of an environmentalist so i run to learn. after the lunch i met a mayor (of a shore town) at the good old coat rack and told that mayor that i wrote a novel (Vichy Water) that features some jersey shore towns. me and my character spent part of a lifetime hanging by the ocean and still do. a tribute to the jersey shore. i said,  “hey, when the book gets made into a movie, think of all the publicity and activity your town will get.” and the mayor said, “i want to read it.” and i gave the mayor a business card with all the ordering information and said, “this struggling author appreciates it.” we shook hands. i stared at the lobby of this incredible building and felt history. i also felt ‘the shining.’ a nearby stranger said, “the mayor was waiting for a free book. free is how you deal with elected officials in jersey. that’s the way it’s done. he’ll never order it.” and that’s exactly what happened; never. spot, dick and jane are now sitting in front of the television(played hooky from school) watching the analysis of the election. i’m listening instead to “puff, the magic dragon.”

spiral down. so many things bump, shake and move me. i think blogs should educate too. i keep shoving stuff into my cortex, medulla oblongata and seek ways to expand gig space up there. part is life extension. seems successful. i’m at that age when a glass of dark red wine at night, a cut orange peel shoved between my teeth for a pumpkin effect so i can gently scare my grandchild( the reality of grandchildren right now is as remote as that mayor still ordering my novel). instead i shove nano bits into cerebral circulation. and i write blogs and novels. and i deeply feel. hemingway said to write well, you need to live it. so i spiral down. and throw bumps and bits like: blekko is a new search engine coming monday. i like that it aims to show search results from only useful, trustworthy sites.

extending life; good stuff for a blog. now a spiral up. i learned last night that one of my intellectual singularity idols worried about getting diabetes. takes 100 or so ‘pills’ a day with lots of exercise. and it worked. no diabetes. epiphany a long time ago. by my own design been doing 35 to 40 ‘pills’ a day for 40 years(as long as some biblically wandered) with massive exercise and no diabetes which was the point. just read( i read a bunch) that a popular chipotle chicken sandwich has around 1000 calories and 2400 mg of sodium(salt) (more than enough for a whole day). sodium kills. so now here this. researchers working with mice discover that removing a protein from the region of the brain responsible for recalling fear, they can permanently delete traumatic memories. so imagine a company that makes a terribly unhealthy sandwich, adulterates their food with something to remove that protein and you forget why your blood pressure is sky high. more on proteins. there’s one called perforin that punches holes in and kills rogue cells in our bodies. that’s good stuff. and finally an experimental drug, reverses age-related memory in mice, returning brains to more youthful state of cognitive function. the compound dampens production of stress hormones that are thought to damage the brain’s learning and memory centers over time. that’s why i don’t stress(spiral down) after election day and i don’t worry about sodium because i’ve found ways to eliminate it. hey readers. it’s estimated 2 billion earthlings will be on line by end of this year. imagine. and i miss John Lennon. and i miss Bette Davis and i wonder why there is no award in college sports named after Paul Robeson. and that thought makes me spiral down on this  week after elections.

next week. a bit of dream idea. the jersey shore in winter. kind of like a walden bradley beach pond.

if you’ve got 65 seconds please check out the book trailer @  youtube

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