NJ Winery Reviews: Plagido's Winery Hammonton
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Jersey Shore Wineries: Plagido’s Winery Review

Plagido's Winery in Hammonton NJ was a great help during the 2020 lockdown. Here we're reviewing their best wines including the flavorful Red and Antonia Rosso, as well as their delicious sweet white wines.

We’re now in the middle of the Coronavirus lockdown, when most stores and business are closed. Liquor stores are not closed, however individual producers (breweries, wineries, distilleries) are struggling since they can’t have in-house customers anymore. That’s why I’m trying as much as I can to order directly from the producer, to support our local businesses.

For wines, my first pick was Plagido’s Winery in Hammonton NJ. This is part of New Jersey’s Outer Coastal Plain region, the center of the state’s wine production. I’ve never been there before, but I always enjoyed their wines at New Jersey wine festivals. I could still remember some names and i enjoyed trying new products. It’s now almost 2 months into the pandemic lockdown and I already ordered 3 times from them.

Here’s an overview of the Plagido wines I tried.

Plagido's Winery ReviewReds:

  • Plagido Red: My favorites, a great dry red with strong big flavors.
  • Antonia Rosso: Deliciously semi sweet red with Fredonia grapes, another one of my favorites.
  • Concetta’s Casalinga: If you like sweet wines, you’ll love this and its strong fruity flavors (a bit too sweet for me though).
  • Rose: A bit too dry for a rose, but still had nice, soft floral aromas.
  • Empire: This is a stronger Port wine at 20%, with delicious fruity flavors in the Ruby style.

Plagido Winery Review New Jersey WineriesWhites:

  • Niagara: My favorite Plagido white wine, semi-sweet, without overdoing it, using one of the best Northeast grapes.
  • Chardonnay: A smooth wine with light oak and citrus aromas.
  • Reverence: Another good dry white, with stronger flavors than the Chardonnay.

I was mostly impressed with their reds! NJ wineries are better at making sweet white wines, and it’s very rare to find good red wines around here (sorry guys, I love touring New Jersey wineries, however most reds are below average at above average prices). But Plagido’s somehow mastered the art of making great New Jersey reds.

I strongly recommend ordering from Plagido! The prices are more than affordable for the quality of their wines, and don’t forget to email or contact them on Facebook to get a discount if you order a case. If you’re in New Jersey, you’ll also get them delivered in no more than 2-3 days.

Plagido’s Winery was started in 1999 by Ollie Tomasello Junior and Senior (who has since passed), who are 3rd and 4th generation farmers. The name comes from their ancestor Placido Tomasello, who came from Italy and started the first farm here. They grow most grapes at this vineyard, but they also have a few other satellite locations that they pull from. All wines are made on site in Hammonton at the winery. Candice and Ollie work hand in hand on the farm and are doing the wine making together. During normal times they do festivals, special events, and the tasting room is open 7 days a week. For now though, it’s only online orders and curbside pickups.

I’m looking forward to the reopening of the state so I can visit Plagido’s Winery on site and try more of their amazing wines.

NJ Winery Reviews: Plagido's Winery Hammonton


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